Through strategic spin-offs and company acquisitions, a medium-sized group of companies with more than 200 employees has emerged over the last decade. The sole shareholder is 100% Breuckmann GmbH & Co. KG.

In order to utilize synergies between the high pressure die casting and chill casting processes in the copper and copper alloy sector, the company Piel & Adey (PIAD) was taken over in 2020 and integrated into the Breuckmann Group.

As a high-performance and flexible spin-off, the business unit high speed ​​cutting CNC milling technologies was founded in 2018 in form of Breuckmann Frästechnik GmbH.
In 2016, Odlewy Precyzyjne Sp. was acquired in order to open up the Eastern European market and to ensure competitiveness in the international environment.