Alongside our special alloy silicon tombac, we also cast brass and pure copper in pressure die and permanent mould casting.

Pressure die-casting is suited in particular for thin-walled components that require high surface reproduction accuracy. Permanent mould casting is generally used for bulky components with comparatively large casting weights.

Silicon tombacBrassCopper
Identifier DIN EN 1982
CuZn16Si4-CCuZn38Al-C Cu-C
Tensile strength Rm in N/mm²500380150
Yield point Rp 0,2 in N/mm²30013040
Elongation at break A in %83025
Hardness in HB1307540
Electric conductivity in MS/m312>50
Density in kg/dm³8,38,38,9
Melting range in °C950-1000900-950 1083